International Door to Door

We deliver parcels in speedy time and with extra care and within reasonable costs. We are able to customize a solution that can meet your cost and time requirements.

International Door to Door cargo Service


Prime Global Logistics

Economical, Fast & Secure

PGL is one of the top cargo service in Oman, offers top quality personalized Door to door services at the most affordable rates and delivering guaranteed delivery accuracy on time, everytime.

working with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules
on all the worlds major routes so you can plan with certianity
and become more effeciaent. we offer a range of highly flexible products
which allow a choice of delivery speeds to best suit your requirments.
our team of experienced professionals is able to ensure proper and timely handling
of your shipment every step of the way.

Top Door to Door services we provide:-

1) Door to Door International Cargo Service
2) Door to Door International Courier/parcel Service
3) Door to Door International Gifts/Souvenier Service
4) Personal cargo

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