Customs clearance

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Customs Clearance


Prime Global Logistics

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Understanding global customs regulations is a science in itself. In our team we have experts who know all the pitfalls and will do this work for you.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the frequency of influx of imports and exports becomes increasingly high with each year. Thus certain policies and rules are made as a check and balance to these goods by the customs of each country.

However, sometimes due to all the clearances, declarations and the immense amounts of red-tapes to be filled in can be overly tedious and complicated. This would very much slow down your process of delivering your goods across the globe on time, adversely affecting your business. Hence a good solution would be to engage a team of experienced customs brokers and entry writers who are well versed in tariff and custom laws to help you achieve your business’s service excellence.

Our Key Services

* Air Cargo Clearance
* Sea Cargo Clearance
* Transit Clearance
* Import for Re-export Clearance
* Phytosanitary Certificates
* Certificate of Origin
* Certificate of Analysis
* Test Certificates

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