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The world is diverse And we connect them!

With global logistics we connect people who make a difference. Together we break new ground to find sustainable solutions. As a medium-sized company with an agile, international team, we find the right transport route for every order. Even if the destination is unusual and the cargo is sensitive. We always remain in dialogue with all project participants, the basis for good cooperation. We have been implementing customer orders for more than 30 years of well-founded advice, personal support and individually tailored services. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to handle demanding and unusual logistics projects flexibly and on schedule. This enables us to offer a reliable door-to-door service even in crisis areas.

Our open and transparent approach fosters true sense of partnership with our clients.




Personal PGL Consultant provides a single point of contact so you are assured of service excellence from the team.


We are a one stop center that offers a full spectrum of services aimed at providing excellent freighting solutions.


Being one of the international freight forwarding company, we are able to pass on our over laying low cost to our consumers.


simply connect with one of PGL agents and your orders will
be picked, packed and shipped to your customers same day.


connect with one of our agents and they will arrange your pickup


we store your products securley in one of our Distribution centres


Your cargo will be packed same day with banded packaging


your cargo will be delivered fast and secure by Omans leading transport network.


Prime Global Logistics

Helping your Business Grow

Being a reliable and competent freight forwarder, we work closely with our clients and cater to their tailored requirements, ensuring that they stay connected to every shipment. Ultimately, our main goal is to provide outstanding personalized service that exceed our customers’ expectation.
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order accuracy

Right product,
right place, right time.


The nice thing about my work at PGL is the variety and the constant new challenges that have to be solved together with my colleagues. The reason for this is our increasingly dynamic environment. It is not always easy to take on these tasks, but it is exciting. So I become part of a complex process, have to recognize the intention and interests of the customer and quickly define my own part in this process.

Badar Hubais

Managing Director


Prime Global Logistics

Air Freight

When goods need to get to their destination quickly, the plane is unbeatable. We advise you on the cheapest, safest and fastest way to get your delivery from airport A to airport B - and from there to the final destination. Of course, we also take care of all formalities such as customs clearance and much more.
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Prime Global Logistics

Sea Freight

We take care that your goods reach every port in the world and from there get to their destination.
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Prime Global Logistics

Land Freight

We bring your goods safely to their destination by road or rail. Whether on desert tracks in Middle East or on the motorways in Europe - we are at home anywhere on the world's roads.
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Prime Global Logistics

Customs Clearance

Understanding global customs regulations is a science in itself. In our team we have experts who know all the pitfalls and will do this work for you.
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Prime Global Logistics

International Door to Door cargo Service

PGL is one of the top cargo service in Oman, offers top quality personalized Door to door services at the most affordable rates and delivering guaranteed delivery accuracy on time, everytime.
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Prime Global Logistics

International Relocation & Storage

Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move. Whether you are moving from Oman to UK or from Salalah to the Dubai, we accompany you from departure to arrival. Our global network and local resources allow us to provide the highest quality services from start to finish.
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