Air Freight
wings for everything

We provide customized air freight services to accommodate time-critical shipments. These include air consolidation and door to airport delivery services.

Air Freight


Prime Global Logistics

Wings for everything

When goods have to reach their destination quickly, the aircraft is invincible. We will advise you on the cheapest, safest and fastest way to get your delivery from airport A to airport B - and from there to its final destination. Of course we also take care of all formalities such as customs clearance and much more.

Advice on air freight options, taking into account dimensions, weight and type of goods to be transported

  • Regular service
  • Scheduled service with cargo plane
  • Part charter
  • Charter
  • Direct flight / flight with reloading(s)
  • On Board Courier

Transport of goods with special requirements

  • Dangerous goods (cl. 1-9)
  • perishable goods (e.g. pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs)
  • Reefer cargo
  • Animals
  • Consulting and offer preparation for packaging options such as wooden boxes, crates, insulation boxes, ...
  • door-to-door transport - including customs clearance
  • Deliveries all over the world
  • Specialisation in "difficult" regions (on-site services, personal support on site for projects)
  • Personal support & communication
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